Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the ’80s at Honolulu’s Newest Pop-Up Bar!

Get ready to time-travel back to the era of neon, synthesizers, and unforgettable pop culture classics! Introducing Alpha Video Honolulu, a one-of-a-kind pop-up bar that brings the vivacious spirit of the ’80s to life in the heart of Honolulu. From August 3 to September 2, 2023, guests can immerse themselves in an authentic ’80s experience, filled with themed cocktails, retro decor, iconic music, and special events that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a nostalgic dream. Whether you lived through the ’80s or just want to explore the charm of this extraordinary decade, Alpha Video Honolulu offers a unique experience unlike any other. Follow us as take a closer look at what awaits you at this vibrant destination!

Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the '80s at Honolulu's Newest Pop-Up Bar!
Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the ’80s at Honolulu’s Newest Pop-Up Bar!


I. Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the ’80s at Honolulu’s Newest Pop-Up Bar!

1. Brief Introduction to the ’80s Pop Culture

The 1980s were a dynamic and transformative era, particularly in pop culture. Marked by the rise of MTV, iconic fashion trends, groundbreaking movies, and the emergence of pop and rock stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson, the ’80s were a time of vibrant creativity and bold expressions. From neon colors and leg warmers to synthesizer-heavy music, this decade left an indelible mark on art, entertainment, and lifestyle that continues to influence modern culture.

2. Overview of Alpha Video Honolulu and Its Unique Theme

Alpha Video Honolulu captures the essence of this extraordinary decade, bringing it to life in a unique pop-up bar setting. It’s not just a bar but an immersive ’80s experience, filled with themed decorations, classic movie references, and a curated playlist featuring the era’s greatest hits. Guests can sip on cocktails inspired by ’80s cinema, dance to vinyl records, and enjoy a lively and nostalgic atmosphere. It’s a tribute to a time that defined a generation, and Alpha Video Honolulu invites visitors to step back and relive those unforgettable moments.

3. Mention of Its Location in the Ala Moana Pacific Center

Strategically located in the bustling Ala Moana Pacific Center in Honolulu, Alpha Video Honolulu is poised to attract both locals and tourists alike. Known for its shopping, dining, and entertainment options, the Ala Moana Pacific Center is a fitting venue for this retro-themed bar. Easily accessible and in the heart of the city, Alpha Video Honolulu is not just a destination but a vibrant part of the local community, adding a touch of the ’80s flair to Honolulu’s diverse cultural landscape.

II. Alpha Video, An 80s Themed Pop-Up Bar Opens in Honolulu

III. Behind the Scenes

1. Introduction to the Creators, Rick Shibasaki-Gareau and Noa Laorga

Meet the creative minds behind Alpha Video Honolulu, Rick Shibasaki-Gareau and Noa Laorga. These innovative entrepreneurs are not new to the entertainment scene in Honolulu, having been involved in various successful bars, parties, and festive events in the past. Rick’s flair for creative design and Noa’s expertise in event planning have merged to form a dynamic duo that has brought the ’80s back to life in a modern setting. Their combined vision and passion are what make Alpha Video Honolulu a one-of-a-kind experience.

2. Insight into the Concept and Inspiration for the Bar

Alpha Video Honolulu was born from a shared love for the ’80s and a desire to create a space where people could relive the cultural richness of that era. Rick and Noa found inspiration in the movies, music, fashion, and overall zeitgeist of the ’80s, aiming to recreate that energy and vibrancy in their bar. From cocktails named after iconic films to décor featuring classic ’80s motifs, every detail of Alpha Video Honolulu is a carefully crafted homage to a decade that continues to inspire and entertain.

3. A Look at the Partnership between Experienced Event Organizers

The successful launch of Alpha Video Honolulu is the result of a synergistic partnership between experienced event organizers. Rick and Noa, along with other talented professionals in their team, have combined their expertise in different areas to create an authentic and captivating ’80s experience. From meticulous planning and creative brainstorming to efficient execution, their collaborative effort has ensured that Alpha Video Honolulu is not just a bar but a living, breathing embodiment of the ’80s culture. Their previous successes in the event industry have laid the foundation for this new venture, and their dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of Alpha Video Honolulu. The partnership has proven that when creativity meets experience, the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

IV. Unique Offerings & Cocktails

1. Description of the Bar’s Unique ’80s-Inspired Atmosphere

Stepping into Alpha Video Honolulu is like taking a vibrant journey back to the ’80s. The atmosphere is infused with the unmistakable charm and energy of the era, with neon lights, vintage posters, retro arcade games, and a dance floor ready for classic moves. Walls adorned with iconic movie and music memorabilia provide visual feasts, while the sound of synthesizers and electric guitars transport guests to a time of innovation and excitement. From the furnishings to the music selection, every detail in Alpha Video Honolulu is meticulously designed to recreate the ’80s, making it a must-visit destination for both nostalgic adults and curious new generations.

2. Highlighting Specific Cocktails, Including the “Blue Lagoon” Inspired Drink

The ’80s vibe extends to Alpha Video Honolulu’s inventive cocktail menu, featuring concoctions inspired by the decade’s most memorable films and pop culture moments. A standout on the menu is the “Blue Lagoon,” a tantalizing mix that pays tribute to the iconic film of the same name. Crafted with exotic blue curaçao, vodka, and fresh tropical juices, this cocktail is a sip of paradise that captures the essence of the ’80s romance and adventure. Alongside the “Blue Lagoon,” the bar offers a variety of other themed drinks, each carefully crafted to provide guests with a taste of the past that is both delicious and visually stunning.

3. Mention of the Special Cocktail-Making Session with Kelly

One of the unique experiences at Alpha Video Honolulu is the opportunity to learn how to create ’80s-inspired cocktails. During a recent special session, the creators Rick and Noa taught Kelly, a lucky guest, how to make the “Blue Lagoon.” Guided by expert hands, Kelly was introduced to the art of mixology, learning about the right balance of ingredients, techniques, and presentation. This interactive and fun cocktail-making session encapsulates Alpha Video Honolulu’s commitment to not only serve great drinks but also engage guests in an immersive experience. It’s a glimpse into the personalized and memorable encounters that await those who visit this exceptional pop-up bar.

Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the '80s at Honolulu's Newest Pop-Up Bar!

V. Opening Dates & Schedule

1. Details of the Opening Dates: from August 3 to September 2, 2023

Alpha Video Honolulu is ready to take you on a nostalgic trip back to the ’80s, but only for a limited time! The pop-up bar is set to open its doors on August 3, 2023, and will continue to welcome guests until September 2, 2023. This exclusive one-month run offers a unique opportunity for locals and tourists alike to step into a world filled with retro charm and unforgettable memories. Mark your calendars, as you won’t want to miss this limited-time experience.

2. Operating Days: Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Embracing the weekend vibes of the ’80s, Alpha Video Honolulu will be operating on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The select days aim to create an exclusive and energetic atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a week’s work or kicking off a weekend getaway. Whether you’re looking for a unique date night or a fun outing with friends, these days provide the perfect opportunity to revel in the ’80s culture that Alpha Video Honolulu so masterfully recreates.

3. Information on Any Special Events or Themed Nights

Adding to the allure of Alpha Video Honolulu are special events and themed nights planned throughout its operation. Whether it’s an ’80s movie marathon night, a retro dance party featuring a live DJ spinning vinyl classics, or a special guest appearance from an ’80s icon, there’s always something exciting happening. Additionally, the bar may host unique mixology classes and other interactive sessions that cater to ’80s enthusiasts. Stay tuned to their Instagram handle @alphavideohonolulu or other social media platforms for updates on these exclusive events. The magic of the ’80s awaits, packed with surprises and unforgettable memories at Alpha Video Honolulu.

Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the '80s at Honolulu's Newest Pop-Up Bar!

VI. Social Media & Online Presence

1. Encouragement to Follow Alpha Video Honolulu on Instagram

For those eager to step back in time to the ’80s and stay in the loop with everything happening at Alpha Video Honolulu, make sure to follow their official Instagram account @alphavideohonolulu. From sneak peeks of the venue and behind-the-scenes glimpses to exciting event announcements, their Instagram page is the go-to destination for all things Alpha Video. Join the growing community of ’80s enthusiasts and never miss a beat. Whether you’re a local or planning a visit to Honolulu, following Alpha Video on Instagram will keep you connected to this retro oasis.

2. Reference to Any Exclusive Online Content, Promotions, or Announcements

Along with vivid imagery and engaging content, Alpha Video Honolulu’s Instagram account is also the hub for exclusive online content, promotions, and announcements. Want to be the first to know about special themed nights or receive exclusive discounts on signature cocktails? Stay tuned to their social media channels. From time-limited offers to special collaborations with local ’80s icons, there’s always something new and exciting to discover. By staying connected online, you become part of a privileged community with access to perks that enhance your Alpha Video Honolulu experience. Follow, like, and share, and let the ’80s fun begin!

Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the '80s at Honolulu's Newest Pop-Up Bar!

VII. Visitor Experience & Expectations

1. What Visitors Can Expect from a Visit to Alpha Video Honolulu

Visitors to Alpha Video Honolulu can expect an unforgettable trip down memory lane. From the moment they enter, they’ll be embraced by the vibrant and iconic aesthetics of the ’80s, with neon lights, retro décor, and a soundtrack filled with the decade’s greatest hits. Whether it’s enjoying creatively crafted cocktails, dancing the night away to vintage tunes, or engaging in interactive themed nights, Alpha Video Honolulu provides a multi-sensory experience that transcends a typical night out. It’s a celebration of an era that invites everyone to participate, reminisce, and create new memories.

2. Importance of the Nostalgic Experience for Those Who Lived Through or Are Fans of the ’80s

For those who lived through the ’80s or are enthusiasts of the decade, Alpha Video Honolulu offers more than just entertainment; it’s a nostalgic homage to a culturally rich and influential period. The bar’s authenticity and attention to detail enable visitors to reconnect with their past, relive cherished memories, and share their love for the ’80s with a new generation. The feelings, the fashion, the music, and the movies are all revived in a space that celebrates everything that made the ’80s unique. It’s a chance to escape the modern world for a few hours and immerse oneself in a time of creativity and youthful exuberance.

3. Tips or Recommendations for a Visit

  • Dress the Part: Embrace the ’80s spirit by donning your favorite retro attire. Whether it’s neon leggings or a rock band tee, dressing up adds to the fun.
  • Check Social Media for Special Events: Stay up-to-date with Alpha Video Honolulu’s special events and themed nights by following them on Instagram.
  • Arrive Early: Limited operating days and high demand may lead to a full house, so consider arriving early to secure a good spot.
  • Ask the Bartenders for Recommendations: The creative cocktails are a highlight, and the expert bartenders can guide you to something you’ll love.
  • Capture the Moment: The ’80s-themed decor provides perfect photo opportunities, so don’t forget to snap some pics and tag @alphavideohonolulu.

Whether you’re a bona fide ’80s lover or just curious about this fascinating decade, Alpha Video Honolulu promises an evening filled with memories, music, and magic. Get ready to dance, laugh, and raise a toast to the ’80s!

Alpha Video Honolulu: Step into the '80s at Honolulu's Newest Pop-Up Bar!

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