Wedding Design in Viet Nam – Hoang Gia Wedding Design

At Hoang Gia Wedding Design, we have experienced the tears, the joys, and the tears of joy at more than 100 weddings. We know you have a busy life with little time to compare prices, design centrepieces, and in general worry about the many details. Yet you want your wedding to be as close to perfect as it can be. We want that too.
Let us use our experience and love of weddings to help you plan a wedding that is extraordinary.

We love weddings. I mean we really, really love weddings. And we want to help make yours memorable.
Hoang Gia Wedding Design can help to create a celebration that perfectly reflects your unique style.
Over the past five years, we have designed a wide range of weddings including tent receptions, country club weddings, formal ballroom affairs, small-town hall parties, barn receptions, lakeside ceremonies and themed weddings.


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